Thursday, March 11, 2010

11 Months..

It's time for Miss A's 11 month blog post - yikes! This is her last "baby" post. Ainsley has been such fun, so we are soaking in every minute!

So, here's what we're up to..
- Sleeping: Still just okay. She takes good naps, but likes mom to come in for visits several times a night :P
- Eating: finally.. a little. Ainsley only likes finger foods and refuses baby foods. Her favorites are bread, pasta, and cheese, and fruit smoothies! Other than that, she would still prefer mom's milk. Or, of course, water through a straw!
- Moving around: A is pulling up, cruising along, getting on and off toys, getting herself down (without falling), and standing for a few seconds.

- Teeth: She finally has some! The two on top are coming in, and just today I felt one coming in on the bottom.
- Activities: She still loves to read, and had now mastered putting the rings on and off the ring toy. She also loves to play with the Wii remote!

- Talking: It's always difficult to know, but I'm pretty sure that she's said mama, dada, pat-pat, and baby. Also, she is signing milk, all done, more, and drink pretty consistently.
- Favorites: Ainsley loves going in the basement to play. In fact, if I say basement, she crawls to the door and pounds on it. She loves to ride in Evan's little car and swing on the swing hanging from the rafters. The past few days, she has discovered outside too. Same reaction - except anytime we walk by the door outside, she gets excited. She loved her first bike ride and just being outside.

Lastly, a few days ago Ainsley gave me the sweetest hug. She wrapped her arms around me and even gave me a pat on the back.I've gotten several since. So sweet!

Videos from the past month with A..

Here's my popper...

and apparently both my kids love video games...