Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 and a half...

My little baby is growing up! Ainsley is now 2-1/2. She is growing every day and she's so much fun to be around. I love seeing how she'll surprise us next! Ainsley is..

Completely potty trained (both day and night)
In her big girl bed.. which means hardly any naps
She LOVES to draw
Loves to have dance parties with Evan and to sing
More outgoing, but still gets pretty shy
She talks like crazy and knows what she wants
Still loves her bubby
Starting to really play with other kids, especially her cousin Mya
Loves the color pink
Her sweet smile, big brown eyes, and dimples get me every time!!

Doug, Evan and I love this little girl so much!

6 Years Old!

I know I post it every time, but seriously, we have a 6 year old! Unbelievable!

I don't know how to even start describing our little man. Here's just a few ways to try to capture a little part of him..

- Evan is so sweet, yet all boy.

- He loves school (especially the social part), numbers (adding and subtracting), and reading is even growing on him.
- He's an awesome big brother, and is almost always patient and kind with his little sis.
- He learned to swim on his own this summer, and the water is still one of his favorite places to be.

- He saved up his money for his first big purchase - a DS. Doug and Evan searched ebay and found a great deal. All that obsession with money was great for this "project"
- Evan still likes to watch Scooby and Phineas and Ferb, but will still watch Curious George and other "kids" shows with his sister.

- He loves to be around other kids.
- His favorite toys are his legos and anything else to build with.
- He is still cautious but is getting more adventurous

- Evan had his first sleepover recently - a campout with his best friend (Doug was there too)

- He has tried out soccer and t-ball, and thinks he is going to stick with soccer (and he's trying out basketball this winter).

We are extremely blessed! I am so glad that he only goes to kindergarten half the day so I can still have time with my little man! It's awesome watching him grow up into the boy he is becoming.