Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guy Time

Mom had plans tonight, so it was just Evan and I. We went to the library to pick up a prize for reading books over the summer - a butterfly net. We were going to go home but I asked Evan if he wanted to go home or somewhere else, and he said "somewhere else". So, I decided to take him to Tucker's Whippy Dip for some ice cream.

I ordered him a kid's cone with sprinkles and got myself a cone. They handed us Evan's cone and it had 2 candy eyes and a candy nose on it. Evan got a HUGE grin on his face when he saw it! I don't think he's ever had a cone with a face on it. We sat down at a picnic bench under an umbrella because it was drizzling and had some great father/son time eating our ice cream cones and making a mess.

When mom came home later and asked how our night went, Evan told her about the library, but he was most excited to tell her about the ice cream. He got another huge grin on his face when he told her about the eyes and nose on his ice cream.

It was a fairly simple evening, but the little things like excitement over the ice cream face remind me why I love getting to spend time with my son.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hereditary? Really?

Last night, we were playing outside (it was a beautiful evening) and Evan tripped and skinned his knees. One was a pretty good one - even getting a little blood. He started crying so much he was almost shaking. Then, when I went to clean it up and put the band-aids on, he just kept telling me to be really gentle (through the tears) and that the band-aids hurt. We decided to take a walk in the wagon, which calmed him down. However, when he got up out of the wagon, he decided that he could no longer walk with his injury. (Picture a person with a sprained ankle trying to put weight on their leg for the first time.) The rest of the evening, I had to carry him around! He did not stand up once and I had to be really careful (according to Evan). He was in tears again when I had to change him into his jammies.

I know it hurts, but it was pretty comical. What makes it even more funny is that this a hereditary trait - passed on from his daddy. Doug was (is :) ) the worst about his injuries, although he is improving as he gets older. Maybe when Evan is 30, he'll take the injuries a little better. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Day

Evan was having a rough day and this is how we made it better - sitting on the coffee table, without shorts, watching Super Why and eating an ice cream cone.


Evan loves to get a hold of the digital camera. Check out a few of his "artistic" shots:


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Evan is now potty trained. I can't tell you how proud I am of him. (Plus, the tiny little briefs crack me up!)

He decided to go on the big potty on July 1st and we haven't looked back since. He's only had a handful of accidents - and he's wearing his big boys all the time (day and night)! I just had to brag a little bit :) Even the other day, we were at McD's playing in the playplace with some good friends. Evan was way up in the top of the tunnels. All the sudden, we hear him coming down saying , "I need to go poopy". Tearing himself away from the playplace is quite a feat!

I guess I've learned that kids really do decide to do things on their own time. Now, I wonder when he's going to give up that bubby?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Leaving For Work

When I leave for work, Evan sometimes asks why I have to go to work. We tell him that I need to work so we can make the money we need to buy things. Also, when I leave, I usually say something like, "Bye, Evan! Have fun playing at the park today!" or whatever I know he's doing that day. I usually get some sort of response like, "OK", or "See you later!", or nothing at all because he's too busy with whatever he happens to be playing with at the time. Today, after stopping to see him at lunch, I told him goodbye and his response was, "Have fun making money, daddy!" The stuff that he says sometimes really cracks me up!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big - Big Boy Bed

D and I been working on getting Evan's big boy room set up for a couple of weeks, but haven't been in a super rush. We figured we'd get the room painted, fan up, and decorated and then move Evan to his new big boy room. (He's already been sleeping in a "big" boy bed.) Anyway, last week, we found out that his crib was recalled. (The slats could break - I can't believe with all the banging that he's done, it didn't!) We just decided to set up his twin bed in his current room. He is doing great - although one day he did sleep on the floor because he missed his old bed. Overall, it's been a great transition! Now we just need to get the other room finished!

"Pee-pee on the potty"

One of the reasons that I wanted to start this blog was to capture Evan's big milestones. Well, yesterday, he peed on the potty (3 times). Every time he did, I would jump around and sign a silly song, "Pee pee on the potty - pee pee on the potty" and Evan be so proud would collect another Dora sticker. We're going to really try this - so no more diapers during the day from here on out (we hope :) ).