Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer 2012

We had an amazing 2012 summer! I think we packed as much in as we possible could.

Here are a few of the highlights:
  •  Evan went to 3 camps, Safety Town, and VBS. It was a little busy, but most were in the morning so we could get to the pool by the afternoon. Ainsley also got to take a summer dance class for some fun.

  • Both kids are water bugs! Evan took swimming lessons to learn the correct way to swim. Before the lesson, he could make it across the pool, but it didn't look pretty. He was able to pass the deep end test at the pool, allowing him to climb the rock wall and jump off the diving board, and to swim in the 12' deep end! Ainsley is even more of a dare-devil, trying to keep up her big brother. She loved her puddle jumpers, for part of the summer. With them, she could swim by herself all over the pool and KI waterpark. She also is getting really close to being able to swim. She will dunk her head under over and over and propel herself through the water. (She will stay under for several seconds.) As soon as she figures out how to take a breath, she will be swimming.
  • We spent lots of time at KI and KI waterpark this summer. Ainsley loved the rides this year, and it was so much for to watch her. Both kids loved the waterpark, especially the wave pool and the sand volleyball courts.
  • We attempted a garden this summer, but it was too hot, so we didn't do very well.  

  • Halfway through the summer, we got passes to the Mason pool. The kids had a blast! Evan's favorite was the rock wall, which you climb up out of the water, and then fall into the water. Ainsley loved being able to walk around in the huge part of the pool that is 3' deep. It was so nice for the kids to be able to swim since the waterpark at KI was always so packed.
  • One of the kids favorite things was just playing outside with the neighborhood kids. 
  • We headed down to Norris Lake for a long weekend with Erica's family and Aunt Diane and Uncle Charlie's boat. We had a blast! Evan was seriously crazy on the tube, not wanting to get off for a minute. The last day, he was tubing with Uncle Chad and decided to stand up on the tube - his own idea. 
  • We ended up the summer with a trip to Brown County/Columbus IN, which was also so much fun hiking and swimming at the hotel. 

We did so many other fun things with our family and friends. It was one of the best summers yet!