Saturday, January 31, 2009


We've had quite a bit of snow this week. I worked from home one afternoon because of the weather so Erica took Evan outside to play. He really wanted to go out, but when he got out there, he was getting upset about everything.

I took Evan outisde the next day and he was in a much better mood. He helped me shovel the driveway, although most of the time he helped with his lawnmover and a toy backhoe. He had a lot of fun playing on the slide in the backyard. A little snow on the slide and clothes makes it nice and fast!

I also took him to go sledding. He had been wanting to do it ever since it snowed so we went. When we got to the top of the relatively small hill, he really didn't want to go down. He kept wanting to fill up the sled with snow, have me get in, and he pushed me down. He said all the snow in the sled made it more slippery. He only went down the hill once and he had enough. So, we headed out and he probably had the most fun of the evening pulling the sled back to the car.

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Painting the Nursery

We've been working on getting the nursery set up for the new baby. I was doing some painting (covering up the blue with pink) and Evan really wanted to help. We gave him a brush and let him have at it. He did pretty well and didn't make too much of a mess. He also didn't like it when I painted over "his" secion.
He also helped me put together the crib today. I told her that his new little sister would be happy and would probably thank him for helping put it together. His response was, "No, she won't say that. She won't be able to talk. She'll be just a baby." He got me there I guess!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Like Daddy

Just a few pictures of the boys having breakfast together.
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Doug and I are always interested in what traits Evan got passed on from each of us. The other day, I let Evan have a treat from our treat bag. He was trying to decide what he wanted. He was taking a while, so I walked away and came back in a few minutes. I came back and found all the candy sorted into piles. I was so proud - as a skittles and m&m's sorter, there may be some hope that Evan will be the same way :)


Evan has been taking swimming class at the local rec center. The first week he did well, the second week he sat on the side almost the whole time, and since then he's been a fish in the water. He's blowing bubbles, putting his face in the water, and floating on his back! He's having a really great time! Although, I think his favorite parts are the play gym before hand and the shower with the removable shower head afterward :)
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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Our neighbors, Matt and Genie, have a great New Years Eve party every year. Matt has built an impressive "Ducky Downs" duck race in his garage. The kids get to race first, then the grown ups. Evan had so much fun at the races - his duck was named Wonder Duck - and he cheered "Go Wonder Duck - Go Wonder Duck" over and over every time the ducks raced. Later in the evening, we were able to take him home, put him to sleep in his bed, and then carry him back to one of the bedrooms above the party. (He never woke up through the transfer!) We were able to actually stay at the party for New Years!! We had so much fun!! Happy 2009!

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