Friday, July 22, 2011


In the tradition of wanting to do everything that her big brother does, Ainsley has learned to ride a bike. (We got her a pink one at a garage sale a few weeks ago.) She is very fast, but she hasn't quite got the steering down yet! Picture us, running down the street after her, trying to keep her from going off the road!

Here is the fun:

My Little (Big) Fish

Evan has done amazingly well with swimming this year. I was worried about getting him in lessons, but he has pretty much taught himself. He absolutely loves the water. I love watching him in the water! He totally lights up whenever we are at the pool, KI, etc.

This past week, he showed off his skills, check it out:

Potty Trained

I haven't posted in awhile (obviously), but there are a few things that I wanted to catch up on.

The first is that Ainsley is completely potty trained. I had hesitated posting, but she is doing awesome, and we are completely out of diapers!! I have to say, it was all her. About two weeks after her second birthday, she told us, "no more diapers". I figured, it was worth the shot and I put her in panties. She did amazingly well staying dry, with few accidents, so we decided to give it a shot. Ever since then, she has been in big girls - and is now even wearing them through the night and telling us consistently when she needs to go. So, thank you Ainsley! It was quite a wonderful gift!!