Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Evan's Solo Trip - Seattle 2016

Evan took his first solo trip to visit his best friend in Seattle in August 2016. It was so hard to put him on the plane by himself, but he did so well and we knew he was heading to an awesome family that would take such good care of him. Here are some photos from the many fun things he got to experience.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ainsley - 7!!

Our baby is 7!! Crazy!! This past 6 months can be summed up in two words - gymnastics and homeschool. :)

Ainsley decided to try her 1st grade year doing homeschool. It's actually been a better transition than I could imagine having both kids home. We are able to have lots of flexibility in going places and hands on learning. The kids have developed a great bond. Ainsley has really grown this year in her schooling - she is doing a great job with her reading. I love to listen to her. :) She is also doing well at co-op - taking math, art, animal studies, and nature studies - and enjoying her time with other kids.

Gymnastics is the other word the sums up Ainsley's year. She started gymnastics in late August, and hasn't stopped!! She is doing so well, quickly progressing and most importantly, smiling through most practices. :) Our basement has been transformed into a gym. There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't flipping, cartwheeling, or doing a back walk over. Ainsley has definitely found her "thing" and I can't wait to see where it takes her!

Ainlsey continues to be independent. She has a dry wit, and it's interesting to her what she'll say next. She continues to make the best, craziest faces in reaction to whatever is going on.

Ainsley loves her cousins so much. She has really enjoyed Abigail as she grows - I think she enjoys taking on the "big sister" role.

Ainsley's 7th birthday party was a gymnastics party. We had her friends over to do gymnastics in the basement, followed by a family party. Unfortunately, Ainsley wasn't feeling so well and fell asleep during her party. We appreciated all the family and friends coming over. We celebrated on her actual birthday at Cheesecake Factory - her new favorite.

Ainsley and Evan continue to be friends - mostly playing great together. I love the bond that the two of them are forming!

When Ainsley's not doing gymnastics, she likes to bake, hang out with her friends, be an honorary cub scout,  and go to Kings Island (48" this year!!).

Ainsley is the perfect mix of sweetness and wit. She is a joy to watch grow up. I can definitely see her growing up - I'd love to slow it down, but I know I can't. Right now, we are trying to enjoy every moment we can!

Evan - 10-1/2

Summer has arrived at the Ross household!! We are all looking forward to a great summer following a great school year!

Evan is 10-1/2 and just finished up 4th grade. We has another great year filled with lots of learning at home and out in the world. Our big change this year came around Christmas, when we switched from online school to true homeschool. I think we are all enjoying the new way. Evan is doing great as usual - he is flying through Pre-Algebra and science, and his writing is really seeing awesome improvement. I have been blessed to have Poppy help me out teaching. At co-op, he really enjoyed his classes - Sea Creatures, gym, art, and Classic Lit book club. (I enjoyed teaching Algebra I and II.)

For sports, Evan has been rocking soccer his fall and spring seasons! We love to watch him play, and he has a pretty great coach (Dad)! He decided not to play basketball, and instead is taking a boys athletic tumbling/ninja warrior class. He loves it and is learning to flip and jump all over the basement. He has a great front and back tuck on the trampoline!

He has gotten really strong - learned to mow the grass, is helpful carrying things. I think he's stronger then me. :) The COSI strength test may have proved it. 

He has also continued on with Scouts - with only 1/2 a year left until he moves to Boy Scouts. :( We love all the activities including Pinewood Derby and campouts. We have really grown to love all the boys and families in the group. 

Evan still has his two best buddies, and has added Kelly to his friends to skype and play online with. He is either very active - running around like crazy - or happy to be playing on his computer. And, if we are ever near water, Evan is instantly wet!

Evan continues to be an awesome big brother. We have loved having both kids home this year - it's been great seeing the bond with each other grow. 

Evan is continuing to grow into an awesome young man! He is a great thinker, and can be so sweet. We are blessed to have him as our son!!