Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Nani took Evan to the library this morning and they checked out a few videos. When they got home, Evan wanted to watch Corduroy the Bear (based off the book). Corduroy loses his button, and spends a night in a department store looking for it. He doesn't find it, but the next day a little girl comes and buys him, takes him home, and fixes his button. Anyway, Evan was watching it intently and all the sudden got really upset. He was crying because Corduroy couldn't find his button! It was so sad and sweet all at one time. (And, I'm hiding the videos during his nap!)

Update - He now LOVES Corduroy. He can recite the whole story to us. Corduroy's sad - lost his button - looks for it in dark - little girl fixes it - little girl friend. Toddlers :)

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