Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kings Island

We took Evan to Kings Island last year in September and he had a great time. Well, ever since then he has been asking us if Kings Island is open yet! (Kids don't forgot :)). So, we decided to get passes this year. We have already gone twice, on the first two days that they were open. It's been a blast. Evan is slightly under 36" required for some of the rides - so we put on his tall shoes and added extra socks - and he was ready to go. Here are some pictures from one of our visits!

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Doug said...

I told Evan that I was a little scared to ride that roller coaster with him. He kept telling me that it would be OK, and he held my hand the whole time. When we got off the ride, he told me that next time he wouldn't hold my hand. It was hilarious!