Saturday, January 31, 2009


We've had quite a bit of snow this week. I worked from home one afternoon because of the weather so Erica took Evan outside to play. He really wanted to go out, but when he got out there, he was getting upset about everything.

I took Evan outisde the next day and he was in a much better mood. He helped me shovel the driveway, although most of the time he helped with his lawnmover and a toy backhoe. He had a lot of fun playing on the slide in the backyard. A little snow on the slide and clothes makes it nice and fast!

I also took him to go sledding. He had been wanting to do it ever since it snowed so we went. When we got to the top of the relatively small hill, he really didn't want to go down. He kept wanting to fill up the sled with snow, have me get in, and he pushed me down. He said all the snow in the sled made it more slippery. He only went down the hill once and he had enough. So, we headed out and he probably had the most fun of the evening pulling the sled back to the car.

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