Saturday, September 12, 2009

5 Months Old

Ainsley's 5 months already. What a fun summer it's been. This past month she has been quite the traveler! Ainsley traveled with me to Portland to visit my brother and then a few weeks later traveled with our whole family to the Outer Banks. We have learned that she's very flexible (great), but she likes the airplane way more than the car. (The road trip was a little rough... more about that later.)

Some other things about Ainsley this month:
- She loves her new Exersaucer (thanks to Evenflo and Uncle Dave)
- We haven't given her a bottle in awhile and when my parents tried while babysitting, she completely refused. (She refused breastmilk, formula, water..) Oh well, only a little longer until she starts food.
- We just started sleeping without her swaddle blanket. She is doing great! She loves to sleep on her belly just like her brother.
- She is still very vocal -her favorite noise is a loud screeching noise, probably to compete with Evan :) She also likes practicing raspberries.
- She has been drooling like crazy.
- She is a great napper, especially when she gets to sleep in her bed. You can just lay her down drowsy and she'll sleep for a good hour or two. She's always on the go with us though, so she doesn't always get to nap in her bed.

Ainsley at the Portland Rose Gardens.

Check out those thighs!!

After a hike

Loving the exersaucer!

Ainsley upgraded to the duck tub!! She loves it.

Hiking in Portland with Chad.

Daddy and his princess!

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Tiffany said...

She is SO precious! What a joy! Love the pool picture, she is adorable in that little bathing suit! What a happy pretty baby! : )