Friday, December 11, 2009

Eight things about Ainsley at 8 Months...

Here we go again - another month older. Ainsley is growing sweeter by the day. Here are 8 things about our little princess as she turns 8 months old..

1. We have a baby on the move!! Ainsley is now crawling, sitting from laying down, standing (often with just one hand), and bending over. There is no stopping her now. It's so fun to watch her crawl around - but I definitely have to keep a much closer eye on her!!

2. Her favorite noise to make is a popping sound. I'll hear her around the house all day long - "pop, pop, pop". She has done it so much that her bottom lip has actually turned purple from all the practice!

3. This is her favorite toy by far! She loves to sit and play at the table forever, and now she loves to crawl all over the table.

4. Ainsley's hair is growing like crazy! It's getting really long all over and mommy's getting excited because the bows are staying in better... now, we just have to decide if we are going to trim her bangs. It's always so hard to know what to do with the little one's hair!

5. She loves to wave hi and bye, and is always giving up big smiles! She also loves to kiss mommy and the baby in the mirror!

6. Ainsley is finally breastfeeding every 4 hours (yeah for me!!) It just makes it so much easier to go anywhere for either of us. She's still so-so on soild foods, but of the few she likes, her favorite is pear-blueberry.

7. Ainsley had her First Thanksgiving (actually two Thanksgivings). She did great! However, we have now discovered that she doesn't like to nap on the go :P

8. Recently we gave her a bath with Evan. She had a great time and so did he. She didn't mind getting splashed in the face a ton, and tried to suck on the wash cloth the entire bath .. why do babies do that?
Next up.. baby's 1st Christmas!!!

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Tiffany said...

She is just pure sweetness! LOVE these pictures, all of them!