Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 10 Month Old Baby

Ainsley is 10 months old today! What a fun age! Ainsley is waving all the time, loves to give big, open mouth kisses, and is giggling away! She is still my happy, sweet baby!

A few things about the last month:
~ Ainsley is finally eating.. a little :) She has discovered finger foods, and seems to like them much better than baby food. She's still nursing 5-6 times a day, and now enjoys cheerios, yogurt puffs, cheese, noodles, and of course, water from any straw cups! Interestingly, she will eat baby food from anyone except me :)
~ The past month has been pretty rough sleeping wise. I think it's mostly due to separation anxiety, but Miss A wants to make sure that I'm around. We have had lots of time in the middle of the night hanging out and early morning wake ups. I hope we are back on track now!
~ She is still a Momma's girl, although she's starting to warm up to Daddy too!
~ She is starting to really communicate and understand us. She's starting to say ma-ma, da-da, pat-pat, and up. She's signing milk occasionally, and definitely knows what it means.
~ Ainsley has been pulling up, cruising, and getting herself around everywhere. She's getting pretty good at her walker too, figuring out how to turn it around.

~ She is finally over her snotty nose - yeah!!

~ She plays so well by herself, especially if she has a stack of books. She will sit and look at books forever! Her favorite book is Pat the Bunny, along with any other touch and feel books.

Ainsley's hair up (for our church tailgate party)!

Loves to swing - either outside or in the basement

Dressed up from her 1st (of many) princess birthday party!


Tiffany said...

Erica, these pictures are just awesome! She is too cute for words and so crazy sweet! I just love her. She looks so beautiful all dressed up for the princess party! Oh, how I love to dress up a little girl! So much fun!

Alyssa said...

I can so empathize with the frustrating eating habits and sleeping issues Claire would eat baby food, but had an extremely rough time with the transition from baby food to finger food/adult food. The stage 3 baby food used to make her gag really badly. And sleeping has never been one of Claire's favorite activities - she went through a rough patch (up lots in the night, etc) around 9-11 months also. Hope it's over quick! And I love her little mini ponytail!

Kim said...

I can't believe she is 10 months old, although, it shouldn't surprise me since she is just behind Leah! They are growing way too fast! Enjoy these last few weeks before one, but I am convinced the best is yet to come with these little ones!