Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walking & Talking

Ainsley is a little over 13 months old now, and what a transformation we have seen over the last month. It's been all about walking and talking!

She took her first few steps a few days before her birthday and now she's a full time walker! She can get up from sitting down without holding onto anything, so, anytime, anywhere, she's ready to walk! It actually is nice in some ways - when we are outside, she's not stuck in a stroller or being held. However, my life is much busier now! She loves to get into everything - especially Evan's tiny toys!

The other big change with our little one is her language! She is definitely talking! It's so amazing that she can now really communicate with us. She says lots of words - mama, dada, pat pat, ball, go, baby, uh-oh, wing (swing), bird, bro (bother), down, up, tickle - tickle, bub (our word for paci), woof (for what a dog says), and all done. She also lets us know what she wants by pointing and smiling.

One fun thing that we did with Ainsley was to let her ride on one of the big kid rides at Kings Island. It was the cars that go around in a circle. We would have never done it with Evan, but it's going to be a long summer there, and she should have some fun too. She absolutely loved it, and rode 3 times with her big brother.

Ainsley is still so sweet. She gives us hugs and kisses and will even walk over to greet Doug at the door. It's been fun to see her growing and getting to see her personality more and more!

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Alyssa said...

Ainsley is just adorable in these photos!