Monday, July 12, 2010

15 Months

Little Miss A is 15 months old! We are having so much fun. Ainsley is full of personality!

She is now saying so many words, maybe 50+. Some of my favorites are brush, baby, up, all done, night night, bye guys and whoa. She has also expanded her animal vocab - elephants, roosters, birds. Another favorite is "Twinkle, Twinkle" where she will sing "up above the world". So much fun! She is going to be my chatty one for sure.

Ainsley is finally sleeping through the night (yeah!!) and has transitioned to one nap a day. I just got her down to nursing twice a day - morning and night, and she loves regular milk as well. I though we'd be done nursing by now - but she looks as me with those big brown eyes and says/signs mama milk - if I say yes, she gets so excited.

She loves to try/do anything Evan does - which is sometime good ;) Ainsley loves to bounce (and say bounce) in the tramopline. She even likes to bounce with Evan. She also loves the water - and has no fear. She will walk right into a pool! We'll have to watch that. She would watch Baby Einstein all day if I'd let her - but she usually only gets 15 minutes every other day. Ainsley also loves to dance whenever the music is on.

Ainsley is also getting strong. If Evan takes something from her or we tell her no, she defitinely lets us know she doesn't like it! It's going to be interesting disciplining the second child!

We are so in love with Ainsley! She cracks us up on a daily basis and is always quick to smile with those big dimples! Now, if I could just freeze time for a little bit...

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Tiffany said...

Oh, she is so perfect. I can't believe how much she talks! Crazy. What a precious post about your sweet girl! Those brown eyes and dimples would get me every time!

Love all the pictures but that very first one is my favorite! So pretty.