Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ainsley is 18 Months Old

Wow - in one week Evan turned 5 and Ainsley is now 18 months. Time is flying! A few things about my sweet 18 month old:

- The stats - weight: 22lb 10oz (25%), height: 31.5" (50%)

- She is quite the talker! I haven't tried counting, but it has to be at least 200 words. She'll try saying anything! Some of my favorite words she says are: by-kick-lul (bicycle), hold-you, love u, hap-bir-day, and up-sight-dow (upside down). She also knows how to say yes and no, and she knows how to use them!

- Some of her favorite things to do are to look at books, coloring with crayons, and playing with her baby dolls (feeding them, putting them to bed, strolling them around) I have recently started taking her to story time, which she loves. Ainsley also loves singing songs - especially the Elmo cd in the car. And, although I wish she didn't love it so much, Ainsley loves Elmo's world on tv.

-Ainsley loves to be upside down and it almost always does the trick to make her happy.

- She has the most expressive faces, loves to squeal, and is very girly!

- She is warming up to daddy, but is still a momma's girl! She also has crazy stranger anxiety, which she will hopefully grow out of soon.

Ainsley is turning into our sweet little toddler!

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