Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas (so far) this year! Doug and I felt so blessed this year by our family and our two awesome kids. I have to say, watching Evan this year has to be one of the biggest joys. He loved all his presents, and made sure to say thank you after opening each one. (Seriously, it was too sweet.)

Here was our tree, all set for the kids:

A slept in until 6:30 and Evan was up at 7 and they were super excited to see what was under the tree!

We rushed downstairs and Evan and Ainsley each opened up their first present. A few weeks ago, Evan had bought us presents while staying at my parents house. He was so excited to give them to us that on Christmas morning, that after only opening one of his, he wanted us to open our gifts from him.

After a few presents, Evan spotted a big blanket hidden behind the tree. It was his one big wish from Santa - a doggie he could sit on. He hasn't stopped playing with it and has taken it with us everywhere since.

Ainsley has been super sweet as well. She got two different dollhouses, and hasn't stopped playing with them. She loves to play with the mommy, daddy, and babies. She likes to rock the little babies and put them to sleep under their blankets. It's too cute to watch.

After all the excitement of presents, we sat down to eat breakfast, but not before hearing the story of Christmas and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus with our cinnamon rolls.

What a wonderful Christmas. I hope I never forget it!

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