Saturday, November 7, 2015

Evan is 10!!!

I saw it every post, but 10! Evan is 10! I really, really don't know how that happened. I do know that it has come too quickly.

If you ask Evan what he loves at 10, it's pretty simple - playing with his friends and Minecraft. (The ultimate fun is playing Minecraft with his friends.) He loves running around and playing any type of game - frisbee, basketball, football, wiffleball, dodgeball -  with friends, Dad, Poppy or Grandpa.

Evan played soccer in the spring and the fall, and had another two great seasons.

This fall, Evan tried out ultimate frisbee and really enjoyed it. I think he'll be playing again in the spring. 

A few months ago, we upgraded Evan's room. He really needed a desk, and had been asking about a loft bed for a long time. We surprised him one day with a new loft bed! He loved his new space and can often be found at his desk. Here is the before and after: 

Evan finally has a boy cousin!!! Hudson was born in June. I am sure they will be buddies as they grow up. 

Evan continues to do Cub Scouts. We all love how family friendly the group is! We have fun hiking, camping out, learning new things, and even selling popcorn. Here are some pictures from the Heritage Day parade:

We had another AMAZING summer together filled with:

  • Seattle!!! We were so lucky to spend a week and a half with our great friends in Seattle. The city is gorgeous, but the memories and fun that we had were priceless!
  • Lots of summer camps
  • A fun trip to the lake where Evan learned to knee board. It was to great to see him work hard, not give up, and finally accomplish it! It helped that he caught on before Dad. :) 

  • Tons of trips to KI 
  • Enjoying the food plan at KI

  • After KI, stopping at Speedway. (Both kids prefer Icees over ice cream - crazy kids!)

 For Evan's actual birthday, he wanted a sleepover with his best friend. I think it was a great success!

We are having so much fun with Evan at this stage. It's amazing to see him starting to really figure out who he is, what he likes, and how to handle situations and emotions. It's not always easy, as we all navigate between childhood and becoming a teenager. When we see Evan making the right choice, using self control, or making a good tough decision, it's nice to know he is on the right path. We know it's part of him growing up.

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