Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hereditary? Really?

Last night, we were playing outside (it was a beautiful evening) and Evan tripped and skinned his knees. One was a pretty good one - even getting a little blood. He started crying so much he was almost shaking. Then, when I went to clean it up and put the band-aids on, he just kept telling me to be really gentle (through the tears) and that the band-aids hurt. We decided to take a walk in the wagon, which calmed him down. However, when he got up out of the wagon, he decided that he could no longer walk with his injury. (Picture a person with a sprained ankle trying to put weight on their leg for the first time.) The rest of the evening, I had to carry him around! He did not stand up once and I had to be really careful (according to Evan). He was in tears again when I had to change him into his jammies.

I know it hurts, but it was pretty comical. What makes it even more funny is that this a hereditary trait - passed on from his daddy. Doug was (is :) ) the worst about his injuries, although he is improving as he gets older. Maybe when Evan is 30, he'll take the injuries a little better. :)

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