Sunday, May 24, 2009


If you ever here us talking to Tandy - it's not our imaginary friend.. it's Evan's dog name. He occasionally started pretending he was a dog a few weeks ago. After he did this a few times, we asked him what his dog name was. He thought about it a few seconds and answered, "Tandy!" We have no idea where the name came from - he just made it up and it stuck. Since then, Ainsley has been born and she has been given a dog name, too - it's Speedy.

When Evan is pretending to be Tandy, we can't call him Evan. He either ignores us or tells us that he's not Evan, he's Tandy. If we call him Tandy, whistle, or say things like "Here boy!", he'll do what we say. He also likes to do tricks (giving us his paw, rolling over, etc.) and he gets an imaginary treat after he does them. Sometimes we "run out" of treats and we pretend to take him to Petsmart to buy new ones. Like a dog, he even likes to have us scratch behind his ears and rub his belly, and crawl up onto our laps and snuggle.
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Tiffany said...

That is so funny. Love the picture of "Tandy". Aren't 3 year olds the greatest? ( of the time, I mean)