Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Doug went to his friend Doug's wedding in NYC over 4th of July weekend. It was just me and the kids, along with LOTS of help from my parents. (Thank you!!) We ended up having a fun, busy weekend!

On Friday, we got to play outside with our neighbor Avery in the morning, and then Poppy and I took Evan to Mason's Red, Rhythm, and Boom. (Ainsley stayed home with Nani.) Evan got to jump on bounces, ride a pony, and play games with little prizes. We had a great time. Later that evening, I took both kids by myself to see the fireworks at 10:30pm! (We drove up around 9:45, parked in the back of the parking lot, and Evan got to sit on the trunk of the car while Ainsley snoozed in her carseat.) The fireworks were great, and it was super easy to put Evan to bed.

On Saturday, we went over to my parents house and played. We even got to all stay the night. We decided at the last minute to take Evan to the KI fireworks since he had enjoyed them so much the night before. They weren't quite as good due to all the rain, but it was still a fun time! On Sunday, Evan got to play with all my parent's neighborhood kids. He had a great time and even got to roast a hot dog! Then on Monday, my niece Amber came up to play with the kids. She's a great help! It was a great weekend, but we missed Daddy a bunch!

Watching the Mason fireworks on the trunk of my car.

Hanging out with Poppy

Ainsley looking cute on the 4th!

Watching the fireworks at KI

Evan asking to roast hot dogs with all the kids

Roasting the hot dogs

Ainsley and Nani

Amber and the kids in the backseat with ice cream. She's the only person that I know who is small enough to sit in the backseat between the two carseats.

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