Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

Last Saturday, we had nothing on the calendar and forecast for a beautiful day! We decided to take the kids up to Youngstown, Ohio for a little day adventure. We had so much fun!! We made our way up to Young's Dairy first. Evan got to check out the scene - there were tractors to play on, goats to look at and feed, and farm animals to watch.
We had lunch at the store, and, of course, homemade ice cream!

Evan picked bubble gum ice cream - and to his surprise, it had real gum in it!

He was also waiting for the cows - which were outside - we had to come back later that evening to see them get milked.
We then headed over to Clifton Gorge to do a little hiking. The scenery was beautiful and we saw lots of waterfalls. There were lots of leaves to jump in too. Evan found a walking stick and Ainsley just hug out in the front pack and enjoyed the outdoors and took a little nap!

We then headed back to Young's Dairy to feed the goats and watch the cows get milked.
Evan definitely thought that seeing the cows get milked was the coolest thing ever! We probably watched for about 30 minutes.
This was one beautiful, fall day that we'll remember for a long time!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love days like that.