Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ross Family Christmas

We celebrated the Ross family Christmas a little late this year due to the flu hitting Dave, Mya, and Grandma all around Christmas. Once everyone was well, we gathered for our fun Christmas celebration! We headed over in the afternoon to open gifts.. it was quite a sight:
(Everyone always goes overboard.. so those are everyone's piles all over the room!)

The kids started first and they wanted to play with their new gifts instead of opening an more :)
(Uncle Dave & Ainsley with her BuckleyBoo from them)

(Mya, Evan and Uncle Doug playing hot wheels)

Evan's second or third gift was this dog tent. He had to open all the rest of his presents in the tent. Since then, he has slept in the tent 4 different nights. You could say it was a hit!

He also got a Nerf target set, complete with these cool glasses:

The girls got tired of the presents, so they decided to do some coloring instead...

A few pictures were taken...

We stopped for Larosa's dinner and kept opening presents into the night. (It takes a lot longer with the kiddos.) The night was capped off with a bubble bath for Evan and Ainsley in Grandma & Grandpa's giant tub!

We had a great time with great memories celebrating with the Ross family!

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