Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ainsley is 21 Months Old

21 months.. can't believe my little girl is on her way to being two!
She has grown so much in the last few months, I hope I remember it all.

- One of the biggest things Ainsley has done is to start to talk in 3-4 word sentances. She'll ask for "some juice please" or "hun (honey) nut cheerios please". She also is pick up on our language.. one of her favorites is "there you go" (just like Daddy). A few others that we love are "thank you, welcome" (all one phrase for thank you) and "uuuh - huh" (a very exaggerated uh-huh).

- She is getting pretty opinionated :) She lets us know what she wants by telling us. She also loves Evan, but doesn't like it (screams) if she thinks he might be taking something from her.

- A month ago, she climbed out of her crib. When I found her, I asked, "How did you get out?". She replied, "self" and proceeded to show me how she escaped. Thankfully, the mattress could go down one more space and the bumper pad is gone, so it has contained her for now.

- Ainsley had a great Christmas... definitely girly! She loves playing with her babies. She rocks them, feeds them, and strolls them around. She also loves the dollhouse - calling the people mommy, daddy, and baby and helping them move around the house. There are lots of kisses and rock-a-bye babies too.

- Her sleeping has been all over - for a few months, she was waking up at 5:30 every morning! Hopefully she'll grow out of that one! She still loves her bubby (pacifier) for naps, bedtime, and car rides. Her eating has been all over too - she always eat breakfast, and after that, who knows. I think her favorite food is cereal.

- Ainsley loves to dance, sing, and draw. At night, we have dance parties in the living room. Her favorite songs to sing are "twinkle, twinkle", "hap birthday", "rosie", and "mary had a little lamb".

It's been so fun to watch her grow up. I'm trying to enjoy every minute, because it's been going too fast. My baby can't be 2 soon, right?

A few more pics:She loves to make crazy faces.

She wasn't too sure about the snow (didn't like that she couldn't walk around.)

She did enjoy eating the snow though :)

Cheesin' it up with Buddy