Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Year Stats...

Sigh.. a two year old post.. wow..

But really, Ainsley is the sweetest thing. I am loving every minute I get to spend with this little girl! Ok.. it's all about Ainsley at 2...

- She is talking really well - 3-5 word sentences. We understand her almost all the time, and she lets us know what she's thinking.

- Ainsley is beginning to try out the potty. She loves her Dora big girls.. so we're trying it out. If it works, great.. if not, no big deal!
- She follows Evan around all the time and tries out everything he does. The fighting has started too :P

- I think one of her favorite phrases is "self". She likes to do everything - from buckling, getting dressed, putting shoes on, pouring cereal, and sitting on big chair - herself. It makes for quite a challenge sometime :)

- She will only drink from an open cup

- Ainsley loved sweets - seriously. Evan could take them or leave them, but this girl has a serious sweet tooth! Ice cream, fruit snacks, jelly beans, sprinkles. All other food (except cheese) is hit or miss.

- Ainsley loves to dance, loves princesses and her dolls, and is now into playing hairdresser and doctor. She also likes to draw and color. She recently started drawing and then will say, "Look Mommy" and tell me what it is. This is her first drawing, a strawberry:

- She is sleeping well - a 2 hour nap (I wake her every day) and about 11 hours at night. (She still has her bubby in her bed only.)

- Ainsley says her numbers to 13, sings the abc song, and is still working on the colors - except she knows pink!

- Her stats were: Weight: 25 lbs, 13 oz (40%), Height: 33 1/4 inches (40%), HC 48.5 cms
- She just got her first haircut and first pedicure (at home).

We love you Ainsley!

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