Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ainsley is 3!

Our sweet girl is now 3!! It's been a privilege to watch her grow. In the last few months, she has grown so much. She is now much more little girl than toddler. On our recent trip to Chicago, I realized that we are now in a new phase.. no chasing around a little one.. it's so nice to see her becoming a kid, yet bittersweet to know she's growing too fast.

Ainsley loves playing with her big brother - they are best buds. They occasionally disagree, but most of the time they play really well together. She loves him and all the things he is interested in.  I always wondered if they would play together, and I am so glad that they do!

She also loves her cousin, Mya. It's so great to have a friend her age and a girl to play with (or else A might think the only toys are legos, mario, and shooters). The girls get together at least once a week for story time or other activities.

She also loves her new cousin, Baby Leah! She was so interested when Leah was born! She still loves to talk with her and hold her..

Ainsley even decided to try out being a baby again herself for a few weeks.. 

A few other things that our sweet little girl is up to..
- She can write the A and I in her name, and spell her whole name out loud.

- She thinks her name is Ainsley ME, instead of Marie.. it's too cute and I don't want her to stop
- She still loves riding her bike and is quite the expert, trying to keep up with her big brother
- She is happy to dig in the dirt and play with her kitchen.
- Still loves the color pink

- She moved to her big girl bed after Chirstmas and is doing great. She still loved to snuggle at night before falling asleep and still has her bubbies in her bed only.
- She love ice cream and has a real sweet tooth
- She is getting more independent every day (dressing herself, buckling her own carseat). Ainsley is always trying to keep up with Evan

At her 3 year checkup, she was shy with the Dr, but was hitting all the milestones right on track. She is 37in, 31lbs, and more importantly, to her, big enough to ride the rides at Kings Island :)

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