Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Wheeler!!

Evan is now training wheel free :) On the first Sunday in April, late in the afternoon, I took the kids on a bike ride. Evan had been struggling with his bigger bike and taller training wheels, and I kept encouraging him that it would help him ride a two wheeler. It was really tough for him, and eventually his one training wheel popped up. After pointing out that he was riding basically a two wheeler, Evan decided to give it a try.

It was quite a sight.. Evan could ride his bike right away, but the stopping and starting proved to be pretty tough! He would stop, fall, and then start crying. I would ask him if he wanted to stop, but wanted to keep trying. It lasted for an hour at least, but I think that he got just enough confidence to ride.

After the first day of riding

After that, with a few days of practice at the church parking lot by Nani and Poppy's, as well as using his smaller bike, Evan has become quite good. He is zipping around the sidewalks and streets and loves his new wheels!

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