Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ainsley - 4 (and a 1/4th)

Ainsley is 4.. it's pretty unbelievable. We both look at her and are so amazing by how she's grown, her beauty inside and out, and the little girl she is becoming.

- Ainsley finished up her first year of preschool in May. She loved school and her teachers and friends (especially Mya). She also attended Learning Tree this year with Evan and me, and made lots of new friends there. From her teachers, I hear that she really likes to concentrate on her work and complete it entirely. She also wants to always write her own name.

- Some of Ainsley's favorite things to play are dress up, her play kitchen and her tea set. She has also recently become interested in make-up (oh boy). She will play independently for awhile, but also loves to play with Evan, following whatever he's doing. Another favorite thing for Ainsley is to sing and dance and put on a performance for us all. Of course, she has developed a love for princesses, with Ariel being her favorite. She also loves to pick out her own outfits.

- Ainsley and Evan have a wonderful brother/sister bond. They play together great most days. Ainsley does things Evan would never do at that age (ride big rides and KI, watch movies, play ipod), because they just love to play together. 
- Ainsley's best friend is still her cousin Mya. They are inseparable!  It's been fun to watch them play. Now, when they have a playdate, they will disappear into their room and not come out for hours. They are too busy playing babies, princesses, doctor, or rescue. She has also started having playdates with other her other friends and it's fun to watch her turn into a "big kid" hosting her friends.

- At A's 4 year check up, she was right on track. She is 39" (tall enough for some of the bigger rides at KI) and 36 pounds.

- Ainsley is still a water bug and loves to swim. She also loves to ride her bike and swing on the swingset. Another favorite is finding bugs and taking care of them. 

- I would say that Ainsley is 90% easy and 10% opinionated. :) Most of the time, she is go with the flow, will follow along with Evan's activies or places, and is just easy. I would say 10% of the time, she has an opinion, and there is no changing it! You just have to let her decide, and that's the only way. She is also shy in most new situations, but will usually warm up in 15 minutes or so.

Ainsley is really such a joy! She still makes us laugh with her crazy faces and funny comments. We love our Ainsley!

With her new baby cousin, Abigail. She loves her!!!

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