Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evan - 7 and 3/4th

 Evan at almost 8.. A few things about our big kid..

- Evan finished up 1st grade and his first year homeschooling. It went way better than expected. He learned a lot, progressing like crazy in math. (He finished up half way through 3rd grade math.) He did great in his other subjects as well and has become quite a good reader. His least favorite subject is writing, but we're working on it.  It was also great to see him grow throughout the year. He was able to do lots of extras (museums, science experiments with Poppy). He also really enjoyed Learning Tree co-op, making lots of new friends and learning new things. (And thank goodness I didn't have to teach Art!)

- Evan played soccer in the fall and basketball (Upward) in the winter, and we took a break off in the spring. It was nice for us all to have a break, having free nights all spring long!

- Evan continues to do, and love, Cub Scouts. He is in a den with his two best friend, and he has a blast. He built his first Pinewood Derby car (with lots of help from Dad) and ended up placing 6th out of his whole pack. He has also gone camping, built a boat for the regatta, and done lots of go-see-its (bank, museum, fire house).
- We have a new kid at Kings Island! As of the beginning of the year, Evan hadn't even rode the Beastie. He will now ride everything - the Racer, Stunt Coaster, even the Beast! It's been a blast riding the big kid rides with him.
- Evan's been losing his teeth! He lost the first wrestling with Poppy, he pulled the second and third ones himself, and the 4th one popped out on the boat at Norris Lake.

- Evan continues to be the best big brother (and big cousin). He his so kind and patient.

- We've had a busy summer so far, with Evan going to Nature Camp, MAD camp, and Cub Scout Camp. He has a few more to go too. Of course, we're trying to squeeze swimming in as much as possible. 

Evan continues to be our sweet, inquisitive, full of life boy.. and we are loving every minute of it!

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