Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Birthday Party!!

We had Ainsley's 1st birthday party on Sunday. It was a fun, wonderful day that we all got to enjoy. Here are (lots) of pictures from the day...

Some of the easy preparations - princess highchair and homemade hat:
Easy butterfly cupcakes:

We had a small family party, and it was fun to enjoy all our guests and the birthday girl (and our neighbors trampoline too):

Ainsley had so much fun with her cake. We were able do everything outside, since it was such a gorgeous day!

What is this??
The cake part is much better

We were all there to cheer her on

Then came the presents! Everyone was so generous! Lots of sweet girl things - a purse and tea set from Mya, pink walkers from Grandma and Grandpa and Nani and Poppy, clothes...

Crawling tunnel from Aunt Jen and Uncle Chad..

And a charm braclet from Mom & Dad..

We had so much fun celebrating our little girls first year of life!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, my goodness! These pictures are incredible! She looks so stinkin' cute! I love all the pink fun! And Erica those cupcakes look professional. Gorgeous. I might have to hire you for Avery's party next year! : ) Wow. It looks like you guys had an awesome day. I was so happy that the weather was nice for you. I love Ainsley's little outfit too! How sweet! And the picture of you all by her in her highchair is so precious! Love it all. Happy Birthday, Ainsley!