Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today is Ainlsey's first birthday. Over the last few days, I have been thinking about this past year. The one thing that I have realized is how blessed I am. I have an amazing husband who is also a wonderful dad. I get to stay home and spend my days (the good and the bad) with my kids :).
Evan has turned into such a sweet, "grown up" little boy. I can't believe how much he understands and how he can make us laugh. He has turned into my helper and he's just fun to be around! And, he's learning and growing like crazy!
And Ainsley.. my now one year old. What a gift she is!! Such a sweet little girl - always smiling and making it easy for me. And having her as my second baby - I have enjoyed this past year so much, not bothered by all the worry. I feel like I've been able to soak up all the minutes as she grows up.
I feel so blessed to be able to parent a boy and a girl. They are so different! And, I do love having a little girl to dress up :)
So, today, I am going to enjoy every minute the best that I can. More tomorrow about Ainsley's progress and Evan's soccer.. but today
I am so blessed.
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Tiffany said...

You made me cry, Erica. I love what you have written. Your kids are beautiful and they are blessed too with you and Doug as parents!

Enjoy today. I know you will.

Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to Ainsley!