Thursday, October 8, 2009

4 Year Appointment

I took Evan to his 4 year appointment today. First, his stats: 35.5 pounds and 39.5 inches.

I loved his 3 year appointment because he was so chatty with his doctor. I was looking forward to this year's appointment so he could show off his 4 year old "skills"... well, Evan didn't come to the doctor today - Scooby did. The whole appointment Evan would answer everything "roh" and "reah"... He was also jumping all over like a dog. Oh well! At least he showed off his imagination! I just had to laugh - life with a 4 year old is already definitely fun and I keep learning to expect the unexpected!!

Oh yeah - and the shots. I didn't tell him that he was getting them ahead of time, but he took the news better than I thought. He cried for about two minutes and then all was well with a Scooby sticker.

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Tiffany said...

That is hilarious. Evan is quite a character! Scooby, huh? So cute.