Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Birthday Post...

On Evan's actual birthday, we asked him what he wanted to do. Without hesitation, he decided that he wanted to go to Johnny's Toys. On his birthday, a Wednesday, he got up and went to school. I got to take in treats for his classmates (pumpkin cookies) and got to sing with them. Evan was slightly embarrassed, but really like it. Doug then took off a half day off work and we headed straight for Johnny's Toys (with a stop for Wendy's in the car). We got to Johnny's Toys around 12:30 and Evan was so excited!! He loves that place. We played, and played, and played - all the way until they closed at 5. It was so fun to see him have so much fun! We ate dinner down in KY so we'd miss the traffic, and on the way home, around 7, Evan fell asleep in the car! It was a fun, exhausting day for us all.

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