Sunday, October 11, 2009

4th Birthday Party!

Evan has had one dog on his mind lately - Scooby Doo! So, of course, he wanted a Scooby Doo birthday party! It was so much fun to plan a party with a theme that was easy :) We had a great birthday party with our friends - and 4 of Evan's closest friends - Brayden, Avery B, Avery J, and Olivia! Here are some pictures from the fun day:
Scooby Cupcakes and Scooby Snacks!

Fun with party horns! (They were Evan's request)

All the kids helped Evan open up his presents. Evan would ask them to help and then say that he'd want to open them. It was too cute.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Turning Doug into a Mummy - the kids were then chased by him. This game went over a little better than pin the nose on Scooby!

Our "Baby" is 4!

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