Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 6 Month Old Baby Girl...

My sweet little baby girl is now six months old! Unbelievable! The past few months have flown by - and all I know is that Doug and I both feel so blessed to have Ainsley in our lives. She is so happy and sweet and just goes with the flow. She has the biggest smile - so big that she actually "falls" over when she gets a really big grin. Her eyes light up all the time. She is also such a studier - watching everything that goes on.

She is still talkative, but loves to observe. She is pretty good at sitting - going for a minute or two before tumbling over. She still loves the exersaucer and she's really good at the jumparoo. She has started playing "shy" when she sees someone new. She loves her brother and tolerates all his love. She is a good sleeper, just waking up once a night. She rolls everywhere - forward and back and is able to roll/reach herself to whatever is interesting nearby. I love my little girl!!

Enjoy some pictures from the last month:

New trick - sticking out her tongue!

The whole family.
My little sweetheart!

Still smiling with Evan love :)

Don't start crawling yet!!

Every once in awhile she will still fall asleep in our arms.

First swing ride on the new swingset.

First cold :(

Ready to go!!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, she is absolutely precious! Love these pictures. She is such a sweetheart!